Friday, August 12, 2011

Speaking of Magnets

I've mentioned that I was also a wargamer, though I haven't done anything there for a few years. My main interest was in WWII gaming, and that is where I first started using magnets. However, I am a big fan of the Lord of the Rings, and when Games Workshop started releasing miniatures tied into the movie series, I had to pick some up. People love GW and people hate GW, but there is no denying they make excellent minis. One of my purchases was a Mordor Troll. One of the plus features of a GW mini is they give you plenty of parts to make a custom model, and the troll came with a selection of 3 heads, multiple arms, multiple weapons, and multiple armor. This model cost about $25 at the time, and while I could build the troll with any option I wanted, I felt it a waste so many other parts would go unused. But wait, what if I used tiny rare-earth magnets to make all the parts interchangeable?  Sooooooo......... that's what I did.

This is the model with all the parts. He has two left arms, but only one shield, so they're magnetized. Two breast plates also.He has two right arms, one with a permanently attached spear, the other able to accept three different hand weapons. And then there's the three ferocious heads.

Just three of the many poses available.

Something a little different for you to look at, I hope you don't mind.  Now back to the model railroading. Don


  1. Never seen this done before on a GW model. Cool idea Don.

  2. I just hated to see all those nice castings go to waste.