Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Reality Check, Oh Yeah.

I just spent about an hour this morning going back through the archives of Jim Musser's excellent Steel Industry blog. (A link to it is at the upper right of this page.)  I do this from time to time, as his site has been very inspirational to me. The further back I go, the more I must remind myself not to get discouraged. His skills are beyond mine, and his level of detail is more than I plan on attempting. At no level will my work approach what he has accomplished. And I must be OK with that, and not let it interfere with my enjoyment and satisfaction  of my work. It is tempting to look at someone's superior models and say, "I'll never be that good," and give up. That would be a trait of a younger person perhaps, a younger me perhaps. The wisdom of age has eventually taught me a situation as this is an opportunity to do better. I will never be as good as Jim Musser, but learning from his examples, I can be better than Don Smith is today.

Tootle the Turtle-----    Be what you is,
                                not what you is not.
                                Be what you is
                                is the happiest lot.

Sorry, no pictures today, but take a few minutes to link over to Jim's site.  Thanks for your attention. Don

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