Monday, July 25, 2011

Transfer Caboose, Pt.3

I slept all day into the early evening, so I didn't make it to the Workbench until 9pm. OK, I thought, some small, quick project. How about a tool/supply box? Shouldn't take long....................................uh.

I'm pretty sure I've stated on this very blog that 'It's the little details that take the most time.' In fact I'm certain I've said it before. Now guess what reared its ugly head this evening? Let's just say I didn't make it back upstairs until 2am.

I wanted to make the box out of smaller boards than is represented by the .060 spaced V-groove I used for the deck. Unfortunately, I didn't have any more-closely spaced sheet. (Already in my Walthers' shopping cart.) So I took some spaced .080 apart and scribed a line down the middle of each board. I followed by drawing a razor saw down each scribe, then sanding. I did this several times till it looked right. If you look closely, you can see how this process curved the sheet. This caused no end of problems. If I ever do this project again, I will glue this sheet to a thicker, plain sheet before cutting and construction.

I cut off two of the lids from the kit's toolboxes, as well as four of the channels.

As I've said, this project got out of hand a little, so let me just show you pictures of the (nearly) finished box. (After the glue dries completely, I need to do some sanding.)

Once it's sanded and painted, I'll be the only one who will know of the aggravation. Thanks for looking. Don

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