Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Continuing Saga of Walkways and Stairs, Side Two

Now that the long walkway was finally located, it was time to connect it to the Bunker's upper walkway. I began by drawing the side of the Bunker on a sheet of graph paper, making sure to mark the locations of the walkways. Then I drew two lines at 45°, one down from the upper walkway, and one up from the lower, finally connecting them with a series of 45° lines. These last lines allowed me to play around with placement of the middle stair to give the best effect. This is the layout I chose.

The first things constructed were the landings, again out of Plastruct treadplate and railings. Then a railing was glued to the lower stair which was attached to the inside of the first landing. Doing this meant two of the three stairs would be against the side of the Bunker, requiring only one railing for those two.

Next the middle stair was glued to the second landing, and then this assembly to the first.

Here the top stair and upper landing have been attached. Notice the middle stair has a railing on both sides.

Here you can see the joints between the railings, stairs, and landings are not the prettiest. Sooooooooooooo................

...............I wrapped all the joints with .010 x .125 styrene. It gives a nice, finished look.

 Finally, I re-installed the long walkway, then trimed the bottom of the stair to fit it. There was a small gap between the stair and the underside of the bunker, requiring the OSHA-mandated short section of railing.

That's it for now. Hope you enjoyed it. Don

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