Thursday, June 30, 2011

Transfer House Pt.2

When I was cutting all the pieces for this, I worked hard to make sure they were all nice and square. That work paid off, as the assembly went very smoothly. Here are some pictures that show the steps I took. The magnetic jig came in handy.

Here I've added the roofs, made of Pikestuff corrugated roofing (a later posting will show more detail of this excellent product )...........

......and a walkway out of plain styrene.

I determined the Transfer House needed to be about 10" tall, so I cut two 9/32" H-beams the required length to give that height, and glued them to the short sides at the top of the photo. Next I turned my attention to  the longer H-beam that needed to be cut to the same angle as the.........hey wait a minute, where did the roof go? And the walkway? The roof and walkway weren't wide enought to cover the the tops of the H-beams. SOOOOOOO..................

I cut a new roof wide enough to cover. As for the walkway, I didn't feel one was necessary there, so I cut two thin triangles of styrene to give a slight slope, and slapped a roof on there.

Actually, you can get a pretty good look at the Pikestuff roofing in this shot.

There still needed to be a way into the building, so I installed a door in the bottom side. (Pikestuff, again.)

The base is a storage room made with more of the mine kit leftovers. The double doorway? Like you don't know.

Until someone comes up with a practical pair of Anti-Gravity Boots, there needs to be a platform for the door, and a way to access it. I cut short sections of beam and cantilevered them over the main  H-beam, which support  ................... 

........a platform of styrene treadplate, Plastruct railings, and a Walthers' caged ladder.

Here you can see the Transfer House's position in relation to the Crusher......

......and vice-versa.

One late addition are the X-braces for the main uprights. Might need some more gussets.

That's all for now. Thanks for looking.  Don

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