Thursday, February 28, 2013

Angled Factory

This is another project from Art Curren's book, a factory with odd angles to fit a triangular location. It uses one of his favorite kits, the Burlington Mills. I like it, too. Four basic walls, but with excellent molding, and reasonably priced. The manufacturer made many variations, molded in different colors. I collected them for years, when I could find them on sale. This is cast in white, so I think it's Marrying Sam's Wedding Chapel. Art's model was painted brick red, but as I was building this, found I liked the white.

The basic building is made from two kits. I pretty much followed Art's cutting diagram for the walls. I scratch built all the docks, platforms, and stairs.
You can see the upper roof has multiple angles. The main roof is flat. The walls are capped with some PikeStuff tiles.
 I wrapped the foundation with some Evergreen Dressed Stone sheet.
Building this was mostly a nervous distraction, so I didn't take any WIP pictures, sorry. These pictures didn't come out well either. I'll try to take some better shots before boxing this up. Don

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