Saturday, December 10, 2011

Inspiration from an Old Friend, Pt.10

We're getting close to the conclusion. I've been wrapped up in little details this last week, so yesterday  I did a dry assembly to see where I stood.  Here are the results.

The back of the building. Mostly done, just need to install the view blocks, and maybe place some crates or pallets in the loading dock. I will install a spur up to the dock when I do the groundwork around the building. Also a final black-wash over the back after complete assembly.

I think there is enough 'rust' on the vents and the AC unit, as well as the water marks. The skylights are not nearly so white in person, but they could use a little more grubbiness. Need to touch-up the wall cap, it's just primered as of now. When the two roof sections are joined, I'll either gravel it or tar the joint.

These two sides need major weathering with washes. Sure is a lot of blank, blue wall here. What can give it more interest? Vines, maybe?

Yep, more weathering. Also need to install a view block on this side , too.

I have to say, I like the vines.

The stairway is nearly complete, just sanding and painting left to do. This end is still pretty blaah looking. Maybe some awnings over the windows and doors are in order.

Well, the end is in sight. One or two more installments, and we can call it finished. I'm kind of excited. Don


  1. Me too. I need to get back to those transfer cabooses.......and the coke ovens.......and the critters........and start a blast furnace........Whew! I better not slow down. Don