Sunday, November 27, 2011

Inspiration from an Old Friend, Pt.7

Back at the vines. I needed to anchor them to the wall in various places. I started by drilling small holes in the in the wall. Then I took loops of the 32 ga. wire, placed over the vine, then pushed both ends through the hole.

I left some slack in the vines so they could stand away from the wall. I pulled the loop taut.........

..........then fixed them in place from behind with a drop of CA.

Here are the four vines attached to the building. I left the top couple of inches free on the two left vines. (Did anyone notice I painted the cap tiles?)

I glued the smokestack to the small roof, drilled two holes on opposite sides, made two 'eyes' out of .015 brass wire and glued them in the holes. I made the guy wires out of the same brass wire, and anchored them to four holes drilled in the corners of the roof.

I painted the guy wires black, then twisted the two left vines around them. Time to add the foliage.

Three items needed to leaf out the vines: a cap full of full-strength Elmer's glue, a microbrush, and some fine, green ground foam.

Apply the glue liberally to the wires, trying to keep it off the walls. Sprinkle the ground foam on the glue.

I'm working up the wire. Where the vine is anchored to the wall by the loops, I applied the glue out onto the block. Sprinkle, let set a minute, then gently tap the excess foam off. There were some spots the foam didn't stick to, so keep applying the glue and sprinkling the foam.

Here are a few shots showing the vines after about five touch-up steps. I think they look pretty good. I also added the vent to the upper roof. I painted the inside of the smokestack 'oily black' and dry brushed the outside with the same. A few drops of black in a cap full of water gave me a 'wash' to stain the wall below the window. I also used it to weather the bottom of the corrugations on the awning, and dry brushed 'rust' on the tops of the corrugations

Still a few details to attend to, but I'd say this part of the project is 90% done. Now back to the center portion of the building.  Thanks for looking. Don

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